Program Benefits

The Program for Advanced Medical Care offers long-term value by providing high-quality care and superior outcomes. At the same time, our rigorous triage may be able to help you avoid unnecessary costs by eliminating unnecessary surgery. Finally, PAMC reduces costs by offering preferred rates and predictable pricing.

The value of our program is demonstrated in several ways.  First, we are able to treat the most complex patients and provide a quality outcome.  Employees seen through the PAMC program have dramatically lower complication and readmission rates. This results in a superior experience for the employee and a quicker return to work, which carries a long-term impact. Employers have also realized savings due to cost avoidance, a benefit of our group practice model.  With a staff of salaried physicians, there is no incentive to recommend unnecessary treatments. Employers can feel confident that their employees are following the correct, and most cost-effective treatment path.

Managing Healthcare Spending

The Right Patient

Cleveland Clinic has experience treating the world’s most complex heart conditions, and that is where employers see the most value in our services. Cleveland Clinic assists the employer with identifying complex procedures, those most likely to drive up costs.  Only patients with these pre-selected conditions are eligible for PAMC.

The Right Diagnosis

As Incorrect diagnosis can drive unnecessary care and cost. Up to 25% of the cases we review result in a modification to the diagnosis or treatment plan. In addition to PAMC, Cleveland Clinic offers MyConsult – an online program for obtaining a second opinion. Employees can access the MyConsult  program to obtain a second opinion for more than 1,200 diagnoses.

The Right Treatment

Cleveland Clinic’s employed group practice model ensures appropriate and necessary treatment.  We are committed to quality and publicly share our surgical outcomes annually. Employers who work with us know that we are committed to providing a superior patient experience resulting in the best possible outcome.

The Right Location

By focusing on the most complex cases, PAMC allows employers to provide access to top care for employees who need it most while containing costs.  Patients are seamlessly transitioned back home with continuous monitoring and communication with their home market physician.