Healthcare Solutions

Cleveland Clinic has developed innovative solutions for employers who want to offer their employees and their families the best quality healthcare and maximize value.

Program for Advanced Medical Care

Cleveland Clinic’s Program for Advanced Medical Care (PAMC) gives employers a proven means to manage costs. The program provides predictable high-quality care for employees by facilitating access to Cleveland Clinic for specific  services where we have demonstrated superior outcomes.

MyConsult Online Second Medical Opinion

MyConsult gives employees secure, online access to Cleveland Clinic's physician specialists for over 1,200 diagnoses all by the click of a mouse. Getting a second opinion from Cleveland Clinic ensures that employees are getting the care they need and avoids costly misdiagnosis.

Cleveland Clinic at Work

On-site clinics offer a more cost-efficient means of providing access to nurses, physicians and physical therapists. Our on-site programs bring an experienced medical professional to your workplace each week for the hours needed.

Wellness Solutions

At Cleveland Clinic Wellness, we strive to arm your employees with truthful, fresh, inspiring and actionable lifestyle solutions for everyday living.

Cardiovascular Specialty Network

The Cleveland Clinic Affiliate Network is here to help hospitals achieve the best for their patients,  institution and community by evaluating operations, patient throughput, data management and more.

Executive Health

Cleveland Clinic’s approach to Executive Health encourages individuals to become proactive about their heath. This empowers busy executives to avoid illness and optimize wellness.